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Newcomersgruppen i Växjö välkomnar alla asylsökande hbtq-personer från hela världen till Kronobergs län och Växjö, Lessebo, Alvesta, Ljungby, Markaryd, Tingsryd, Uppvidinge, Älmhult och alla grannar att komma och träffa och arbeta i Newcomers på RFSL Kronoberg i Växjö.

För mer information kontakta eller ring 0470-20808

The newcomers group in Växjö welcomes every lgbtq – gays, lesbians, transpeople and asylum seekers from every part of the world that are in Kronoberg, that is Växjö, Lessebo, Alvesta, Ljungby, Markaryd, Tingsryd, Uppvidinge, Älmhult and neighbours to come and involve in the newcomers activities at RFSL Kronoberg in Växjö.

For more information contact or call 0470-20808

Newcomers group mu Växjö eyaniliza ba LGBTQ abasaba obudaamu okuva munsi yona abasula mu Kronoberg nga Växjö, Lessebo, Alvesta, Ljungby, Markaryd, Tingsryd, Uppvidinge, Älmhult ne emililwana okuja begale ku kibina kyaba newcomers wano mu Växjö RFSL., tel:0470-20808

A network for LGBTQ refugees and LGBTQ migrants

Newcomers is a social platform and a network for LGBTQ-refugees and -migrants at RFSL Kronoberg.

We meet at a regular basis to do social activities based on the influence of the participants. To attend our meetings, you may be an asylum seeker, have been granted asylum – you may be moving to Sweden or already be living here. You will get the opportunity to meet and get to know other LGBTQ people and the Swedish LGBTQ world, to practice Swedish and get support. If you would like to participate, contact us at  for more information about our next meeting.


Want to get involved? Then you can become a volunteer!

If you are interested in getting involved in Newcomers there are several possibilities. You can become a part of our meeting place, plan activities, or maybe you can interpret. If you would like to volunteer, please email us at

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    1. RFSL Kronoberg Post author


      We are open for café visitors tuesdays, fridays and sundays. The Newcomers have activities on Tuesdays (weekly meetings, 4 pm.), Wednesdays we have swedish classes, 4-5.30 pm.

      For more information send us an email at or call Joshua on 0470-516781, weekdays around 10 am to 6 pm.



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